Doctor Theses

Doctor Theses 博士論文

  1. 小川 愛実 「居住者の健康な生活を支援するための歩行パラメタ推定に関する研究」(2019.03)
  2. 鈴木 悠 「少数の加速度センサを用いた建物の層間変形角推定手法」(2017.03)
  3. 白石 理人 「部分構造の特性変化に基づく構造物の局所損傷検出に関する研究」(2015.09)
  4. Jin Zhou “Bayesian inference on structures using differential evolution adaptive Metropolis algorithm considering measurement uncertainty”(2015.09)
  5. Liu Mei “Substructural Damage Identification of Shear Structures Based on Autoregressive Models”(2015.09)
  6. Hien Ho Thu “Damage Detection Methods for Shear Structures by Using Damage Indices Consisting of Limited Number of Natual Frequencies”(2014.09)
  7. Rongshuai Li “Identification of Structural Parameters Using Symbolic Time Series Analysis and Intelligent Algorithms”(2013.03)
  8. Zhenhua Xing “Damage Assessment of Shear Structures Based on Autoregressive Models and Substructure Approach” (2011.03)
  9. 近藤 智佳子「分散と複素フーリエ成分に着目したサポートベクトルマシンによる都市インフラの健全性診断」(2009.09)
  10. Chunfeng Wan “Early Warning of Construction Works for a Pipeline Based on Time-Frequency Analysis of Acoustic Information” (2009.03)
  11. Liyu Xie “Identification of Base-Isolated Structures Considering Nonlinearity and Identifiability” (2009.03)
  12. Yuyin Qian “A Time Domain Damage Identification Technique for Building Structures under Arbitrary Excitation” (2008.03)
  13. Haitao Zheng “Distance Measures of Autoregressive Models for Structural Damage Detection” (2008.03)