Structural Health Monitoring

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Doctor Theses 博士論文

  1.      白石 理人
    " 部分構造の特性変化に基づく構造物の局所損傷検出に関する研究"
  2.      Ho Thu Hien
    " Damage Detection Methods for Shear Structures by Using Damage Indices Consisting Limited Number of Natural Frequencies"
  3.      Rongshuai Li
    " Identification of Structural Parameters Using Symbolic Time Series Analysis and Intelligent Algorithm "
  4.      Zhenhua Xing
    " Damage Assessment of Shear Structures Based on Autoregressive Models and Substructure Approach"
  5.      近藤 智佳子
    " 分散と複素フーリエ成分に着目したサポートベクトルマシンによる都市インフラの健全性診断"
  6.      Chunfeng Wan
    " Early Warning of Construction Works for a Pipeline Based on Time-Frequency Analysis of Acoustic Information"
  7.      Liyu Xie
    " Identification of Base-Isolated Structures Considering Nonlinearity and Identifiability"
  8.      Yuyin Qian
    " A Time Domain Damage Identification Technique for Building Structures under Arbitrary Excitation"
  9.      Haitao Zheng
    " Distance Measures of Autoregressive Models for Structural Damage Detection"
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